Head Lice & Nit Facts | Treatments | London Tube Community

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 26th September 2017

There are many misconceptions about Head Lice and Nits in the UK, from old wife tales and historic remedies to childhood teasing and mis understanding.

Hopefully this article will outline a few of the facts about Head Lice and advise you on the best forms of treatment.

How To Bleed A Radiator Within A Central Heating System

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 22nd July 2014

It is common for air to become trapped in a central heating system which causes an air lock, resulting in little or no heating being produced from your radiators. The main causes of air becoming trapped is either the wrong sequence when refilling a system and/or air being drawn in at some point (usually from a small leak or a tiny hole within the central heating system).

Safety Tips While Traveling

Posted by Administrator : Monday 8th April 2013

Before leaving on your holiday remind children about your family safety procedures for dealing with strangers, what to do if they get lost

Keep a recent photo of children handy

If you label children's clothing, make sure the label is inside so strangers are not able to learn child's name

Always ensure one parent is in charge of keeping an eye on children and perhaps other parent can look after arrangements for travel

Dressing children in bright colors makes them readily visible

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